Catalogues with No Credit Checks

In the UK there isn’t really such a thing as catalogues with no credit checks. Catalogues will always want to carry out a credit check before giving you credit, even though there are no catalogues that won’t perform a credit check there are catalogues out there that are more likely to approve you for credit, even with a bad credit history. Usually you will get a smaller more manageable credit limit or a higher than average interest rate, once you have proven yourself at being able to manage your repayments then you may be offered better credit terms or a higher credit limit. Catalogues that offer credit to people who may suffer from a poor credit history, make it possible for them to afford goods that they can’t usually afford outright.

Catalogues with No Credit Checks

Refused Credit Before

If you’ve been refused credit before then that doesn’t mean you can’t take out a catalogue, all companies have different criteria, everyone has a credit history whether that's a good or bad one, just because you’ve been refused by one doesn’t mean there isn’t one more suited to your credit file out there for you.

For people with a poor credit history then don’t think that you can’t benefit from enjoying the flexibility of a catalogue, just because you need to undertake a credit check doesn’t mean you're going to be refused for a catalogue. There are many catalogue companies in the UK that cater for people with poor credit history such as Buy As You View and many more.

Companies take into account more than just your credit history, they’ll look at your incomings and outgoings to make sure that you’ll be able to manage the payment amounts. They’ll work with you to choose goods that are more suited to your budget with payments you can afford.

Catalogues for people with a poor credit history, may give their customers a lower credit limit to start with or different credit terms, until you can prove that you can meet and keep up with regular repayments. This allows people to be able to purchase items in emergencies or items they usually can’t afford outright even if they suffer from a poor credit history.

Benefits Of Catalogues For People With Poor Credit

If you suffer from a poor credit history then taking out a catalogue aimed at people with bad credit then they’re a range of benefits both to your and your credit file.

  • Improve your credit file
  • Regular repayments will give you access to other forms of credit
  • Don’t have to take out expensive alternative such as payday loans
  • Build a credit rating
  • Manageable Repayments
  • Helps you budget and manage your own finances

Catalogues For People With Bad Credit Checks

Just because you suffer from poor credit history doesn’t mean you can’t have a catalogue, with a range of catalogue options for you to choose from in the UK they'll be one out there for you. Although the word bad credit may seem daunting, it’s not as bad as what people think, choosing a catalogue when you have bad credit can help you build your credit rating and also help you obtain better credit. When you first choose a catalogue you may be given a smaller credit rating or high credit terms, but this is to ensure you can keep up with repayments and manage your account correctly; once you have proven your loyalty to the catalogue they may increase your credit limit or reduce your terms of credit.

At Pay Less Catalogues we have specially selected a range of catalogues for people who suffer from poor credit history, these catalogues are aimed at people who suffer from bad credit and they take into account more than just your credit history, considering aspects such as financial incoming and outgoings.

We recommend a selection of catalogues including (but not limited to) Bright House, Buy As You View, Julipa and Dial-A-TV.