Very is one of the fastest growing and most popular online catalogue services in the UK. Offering a great selection of choice, it’s departments offer everything from homewares, gifts and clothing, Very has something for all the family. Very let you take advantage of a great line of credit with their Very account; meaning you can spread the cost with affordable payments that meet your budget, spread the cost of orders over 3 equal payments or pay in full on each statement date.

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Very part of the Shop Direct group has grew exponentially in recent years to become of the biggest online home and fashion catalogue sites in the UK. Very processes over 90% of their orders through online sales, making it a major player in the online world of shopping. Offering their own homegrown brands such as V by Very and Ladybird, as well as major high street brands and big name brands such as River Island, LG and much more.

Very offer all the latest fashion and footwear items for men, children, babies and women, so getting hold of the latest must have on trend item has never been easier. Very make it easy to transform your wardrobe from drab to chic with a few clicks of your mouse. With clothing and footwear available in a range of styles and sizes, it’s never been easier to find that perfect fitting item.

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The online catalogue from Very offer a home and garden section, where you can choose from everything from furniture, sheds to kitchen accessories; making it easier than ever to give your home and garden an overhaul. A Very account makes it easy to afford all those big household items you can’t usually afford outright.

Whether it’s toys, gifts, jewellery or fragrances your needing to shop for Very has it on their online catalogue. With a choice of delivery methods available getting gifts for those unexpected occasions is simple and hassle free. With all the latest home appliances and big name technology brands such as LG, Indesit and Hoover, you’ll be able to get hold of the items you need or want with ease. A Very account means you can shop from the comfort of your home without having to wait in the queues you find on the high street.

When you choose to shop with a Very account, you can spread the cost over a range of credit options to meet your budget. With the ability to spread the cost with credit, or pay in 3 equal payments or defer a payment to your statement day and then pay in full. Shopping for those must have items has never been easier.

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Spread The Coast

A Very account allows you spread the cost with their credit option, you can either pay in full when you receive your statement and your shopping is interest free or spread the cost a little further to make it more affordable. When you choose to spread the cost you can simply pay what you can afford that month or just pay the minimum, which is £5 or 7% of your balance. With a Very account credit is available on all items making it easier than ever to shop for what you need or want.

Buy Now Pay Later

Very’s Buy Now Pay Later option allows you to spread the cost over a more flexible and affordable payment term that better suits your budget. Some shopping account customers are automatically eligible for the BNPL option, whereas others will need to build up their customer loyalty with Very. If your wanting to take advantage of the buy now pay later credit option with Very then all you need to do is simply place an order of more than £50, and choose the BNPL option at the checkout. Buy now pay later makes it easy to afford those big money items such as phones or cookers or even the small items you just can’t afford straight away, without needing to pay for it all upfront. Buy now pay later means you can simply defer the price until the end of the BNPL period and pay in full or pay in affordable amounts over the BNPL period to clear the balance before it’s due.

Take 3 Payments

When you choose to shop a Very account, take 3 payments are automatically applied to all order, so you don’t need to worry about doing anything. When it comes to paying when your statement is received, simply choose the take 3 option; this will be the amount of your order divided by 3, meaning you simply pay the same amount for 3 months and your order is paid off and the best thing about the take 3 option is it’s interest free.

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Credit Card

As well as their online shopping catalogue and Very account, Very offer a great credit card for you to shop with until your heart's content. With a credit limit of up to £1500 you can shop with Very online catalogue using your Very credit card, giving you the ability to spread the cost even further or purchase items that aren’t within your catalogue credit limit. A Very credit card makes it easy to shop for the goods you need or want but be able to pay with payment amounts that are more suitable to your budget.

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Very is a great online catalogue for anyone that enjoys shopping for the most fashionable clothing items or the latest and must have items, with 3 great payment options available with a Very account and a Very Credit card to choose from it’s easier than ever to shop. We recommend Very as a catalogue for people who love to shop but enjoy the option of affordable and flexible payments, to sign up for a Very account today simply head over to their website.