BrightHouse is the UK’s largest and leading rent-to-own store, with over 3000 employees and a huge online presence it shows no signs of it’s growth slowing down. Offering everything from household goods to all the latest must have electrical items, BrightHouse has a great selection to choose from.

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With affordable and manageable weekly payments, purchasing a new washing machine, smartphone, computer, cooker, sofa or bed has never been easier. BrightHouse is the perfect option for anyone on a budget or who likes to stay in control of their finances, it has everything you or your family might need.

Make Your Home A BrightHouse Home

With other 270 stores and 3000 employees as well as a huge online catalogue, BrightHouse caters for all your home and electrical needs. Operating around the UK, BrightHouse offers a rent-to-buy service, meaning you simply pay for your goods on a weekly basis over a set term and at the end of the term you own the goods outright. Recommended for people on a tight budget or who like to keep a close eye on their finances, allowing them to buy goods that may be considered luxury or what they can’t normally afford to pay for in one lump sum.

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BrightHouse offer the latest in home entertainment with the latest HD televisions, 4K televisions, blu-ray players, hi-fi systems and gaming consoles. As well as all the latest home entertainment BrightHouse also offer the latest computers, laptops and tablets, so why not treat yourself to a new gadget to enjoy at home or while you're out and about on the go. If you’re in need of a new mobile then they have the latest selection to choose from. Brighthouse’s low weekly payments make it easy to afford the latest must have items without having to pay for them all in one go.

Not just offering electricals, BrightHouse offer home appliance and furniture for all the rooms in the house. When you’re looking for some high quality furniture whether it be for your living room, dining room or bedroom then BrightHouse have a great selection of beds, mattresses, sofas, dining tables and chairs to choose from. If your homes in need of a makeover and you can’t afford to pay for it all in one go the spreading the cost weekly over a period of time, can make your home visions a reality.

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Suffered one of those unexpected breakdowns and are in need of a new cooker, washing machine, tumble dryer or something else and you can’t take the hit on your bank balance, then spreading the cost with weekly payments make it easy to be able to get a quick and easy replacement.

What’s even better about BrightHouse is when you buy goods through them the price includes delivery and installation as standard. When it comes to wanting the latest piece of technology, needing a new appliance or piece of furniture for your home then BrightHouse makes it easy to afford it. BrightHouse makes it easy to pop in store or simply pop online and shop their huge online catalogue.

Becoming A BrightHouse Customer

It’s easy to become a BrightHouse customer either nip in store or pop over to their website and apply online, for an instant pre-approval decision in seconds. With BrightHouse it’s not all just about credit checks, BrightHouse believe in affordability and one of their staff will work with you to make sure the goods you're wanting are right for you; with affordable and manageable weekly payments.

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When you complete the simple pre approval check simply pop in store and one of BrightHouse’s staff will be happy to help you complete the application process. Remember to take the documentation listed below into store once you’ve applied online.

  • 2 Recent bank statements
  • One document to prove identity (debit car, driving license, passport)
  • One document to prove address (Statement, Bill, Tenancy)

With the documentation you provide BrightHouse will carry out an initial credit check, don’t worry if you have bad credit though, BrightHouse specially caters for people with poor credit history and that’s why they take into affordability to. BrightHouse will offer you credit terms over a period of time that is comfortable for you to manage and with weekly payments you can manage and afford.

Benefits Of BrightHouse

BrightHouse is great for people with poor credit history, who like to keep a close eye on their outgoings or people who are simply on a tight budget. BrightHouse make it easy to buy the items you need over a flexible and affordable period without needing to pay for the item in one large lump sum. When it comes to those unexpected emergencies or simply wanting the latest item and not been able to afford it then BrightHouse is the perfect credit solution.

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With years of experience behind it BrightHouse is the leading rent-to-buy service in the UK. With our high recommendation BrightHouse is the perfect line of credit for anyone wanting to spread the cost of their goods over affordable weekly payments. Covering the whole of the UK BrightHouse offer an easy online and instore application process, with the goods delivered to your door and installed completely free of charge.

We highly recommend BrightHouse as one of the best rent-to-buy services in the UK.