How to Apply for Credit

It’s extremely easy to apply for credit with a catalogue, once you’ve chosen a catalogue it’s simply down to you to apply by entering a few details about you and your finances. The catalogue will then carry out a credit check to ensure you meet their criteria, although some may give you automatic approval other may need to ask for more details or clarify a few details. (nothing to worry about just a precautionary check) It’s important to make sure you enter details correctly as it’s an important factor in approval for credit, providing you are 18 years of age or over you can submit an application to apply for credit with any catalogue.

How to Apply for Credit

Details You May Be Asked About When Applying

  • Name
  • Current and Previous Addresses
  • Date Of Birth
  • Work Information
  • Earnings and Financial Income
  • Selected Information About Your Bank
  • Current Outgoings

Some of these you will be definitely asked for when applying for credit such as address information, others such as work information you might not be asked for. All catalogue companies have their own information gathering process this varies per company, basic information is used to access your credit file, for companies that accept people which poor credit they’re more likely to ask for more information such as earnings and monthly outgoings. This are nothing to worry about and is just routine information to help give the catalogue company a broad amount of information to make their decision on.

Knowing What Credit To Apply For

Before you just go applying for any old catalogue it’s important to understand how credit works and what catalogues to apply for, using free credit checks or pre-approval services let’s you understand the best options for you. Just going out any trying to apply for lots of credit with various catalogues can have a negative effect on your credit rating and being able to apply for future credit so it’s important to understand the best catalogue to choose before you apply.

When you’ve been given a pre-approved lists of appropriate catalogues, try applying for one first to see if you’re approved for it, most will give you online automatic confirmation although sometimes you might be phoned to clarify a few details, this is just a security precaution, these are carried out and random and are nothing to worry about. If you receive approval you will be a set credit limit and interest rate, as you continue to use and make regular payments on these catalogues sometimes your credit limit can go up and your interest rate come down.

Applying for credit is simple and can be done over the phone, internet or by post. The quickest way for approval is online or by the phone as you are more likely to be given a decision there and then.

Why They Check Your Credit File And What Information Is Available

Catalogues check your credit file to clarify your information, check previous payment history and to gain an understanding of your financial situation. This allows them to build up a better understanding of you and helps them to make their credit decision.

Credit reference agencies keep the following information:

  • Electoral roll registration
  • Public records such as CCJ's, IVA's, bankruptcies and debt relief orders
  • Existing account information with other credit agencies and banks
  • Information on financial associations who you're connected to
  • Home repossessions from mortgages
  • Previous searches on you credit files from within the last 12 months
  • Address information from any previous addresses

Catalogues You Can Apply For Credit With

Applying for credit with UK catalogues has never been easier, get an instant decision when you apply online or by phone, or if you like you can still apply by post with some catalogues. All you need to do is simply input your details and then it’s in the the catalogues hands, it really is as simply as a few clicks. Don’t forget for a better chance of approval use credit checks and pre-approvals sites to gain a better understanding of what you can be approved for before you apply.

At Pay Less Catalogues we recommend a number of catalogues to apply with such as Fashion World, Jacamo, Argos, The Brilliant Gift Shop, Simply Be, Littlewoods, Marisota, Premier Man, Swimwear 365 and Kaleidoscope.