Catalogues for Bad Credit

If you’ve been refused a credit account or personal account with a shopping catalogue before then it’s more than likely to have been because of bad credit history. Even when you have a poor credit rating, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t catalogues out there for you. Your choice of catalogue companies may be limited compared to someone with an excellent credit rating, but there are some worth checking out such as Dial A TV, Buy As You View or Bright House.

These companies are slightly different to normal catalogue shopping companies as they offer either a rental service or a weekly payment service over a longer period of time, but all applications are considered with them even when you have poor credit history.

Catalogues for Bad Credit

Are There Catalogues for People With Bad Credit?

There are no such things as catalogues with no credit checks, all catalogues carry out a credit check to gain an understanding of your finances and also to help prove your identity. To gain access to a shopping catalogue the best way it to apply for the catalogues mentioned above as they also take into account earnings and affordability. If you did manage to successfully apply for another catalogue with a credit option line, then you may be set a smaller credit limit initially, which could be increased with regular payments and orders.

When you need a product such as a new sofa, laptop or freezer then don’t let bad credit history let you down, take advantage of a shopping account with a catalogue and buy the goods you need on credit. This will help to improve your credit rating and also let you purchase the goods you need or want.

Applying For Credit

Although it may seem easy to do, it’s important to make sure the information you submit for an application is correct; as it’s an important step to getting approval. If you wrongly submit information even by accident it can leave a bad mark on your credit file and even disqualify you from being able to apply for an account in the future with the same catalogue company.

Always make sure you’re on the electoral roll as people on it are more likely to be accepted for credit than people who aren’t. Many people automatically assume you're registered to vote, but this isn’t the case; contact you local authority to make sure you’re registered on the electoral roll at the correct address.

Credit Score

Your credit score can be affected by a number of reasons but most are usually related to any credit or debt you have and your repayment history. You can view your credit report at Experian or can now get a free copy from Noddle or Clearscore. The typical score for people in the UK ranges between 300 and 850. The higher your score the more likely it is to be approved for credit and the lower it is the harder approval can be.

If you have a score in the high 600’s this is considered about average, but it can still be harder to obtain credit with a score of 680 that it is to apply for credit with a score of 720. Some financial credit companies still lend even with a poorer credit score, although this can lead to sometimes having to pay a higher interest rate.

Improving Your Credit Rating

Pay monthly and pay weekly catalogues are a perfect way to improve your credit score and increase your chances of being approved for credit elsewhere. Catalogues such as Bright House allow you to pay in small monthly payments, which are more flexible to your credit rating and have affordable repayment options. Every time you make a payment in full and on time this transaction will be noted on your credit file, the more regular repayments you make the more your credit rating will improve. By having an improved credit rating it will make it easier to apply for catalogues such as Littlewoods or Argos.

Suitable Catalogues For People With a Bad Credit Score

Just because you’ve got bad credit doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for credit with a catalogue, just simply be clever about which catalogues to target. By applying for and purchasing with the right catalogue you can improve your credit rating which can make it easier to apply for catalogues which need a higher credit rating for approval.

Catalogues such as Bright House offer a pay weekly service and use your credit rating as well as they check affordability, Bright House will let you take items on credit as long as you can afford the repayments; which are split up into weekly payments over a set length of time. Applying for a catalogue like Dial A TV, doesn’t mean you buy the item it means you rent it, which gives you the flexibility to upgrade your item when a new one when you want to and with easy affordable weekly payments it’s never been easier to have the must have item. Catalogues such as Buy As You View are also great for people with bad credit, similar to Bright House they take into account affordability and let you pay for goods with affordable weekly payments.