Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues

For people who might be strapped for cash or on a tight budget and are in need of goods they can’t afford immediately or need time to pay off, then buy now pay later catalogues is an excellent solution to your problem.

Ordering an item and paying for it at a later date, allows a person to have an item they may need or want immediately without worrying about having to pay for it there and then, allowing them to pay it off gradually and in various monetary amounts. Catalogues offering a buy now pay later option usually offer low interest rates or interest free periods, deferring the amount for a period of time usually ranging from a 6 months to 2 years, but sometimes longer. These type of catalogues are extremely popular and and generally cover a wide range of items such as clothing, furniture and electricals.

Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues

Popularity Of Buy Now Pay Later

A number of catalogues in the UK offer buy now pay later options, and cover everything from clothing to electrical goods. It’s not something that’s new to the catalogue industry but it is something that's grew in popularity as a credit option over the last few years and more and more catalogue companies are starting to offer it as a credit option.

Advantages Of BNPL Credit Options

No Need For Any Money Upfront

A main advantage of buying now and paying for an item later is that you don’t need any money upfront to be able to purchase the item. As long as you can afford to pay for the goods gradually before the end date or at the end of the deferred period then you shouldn’t have any problems, whether you need some new clothes or a new cooker you don’t need to worry about having a penny on the day of buying them. This line of credit is beneficial to a number of people such as people on a lower income, people who can’t afford the item in one lump sum or people who suffer from a home emergency. Paying for goods later is incredibly useful at expensive times of years such as birthdays and christmas, it allows you to purchase items you need but can’t necessarily afford outright and gives you a set amount of time to pay it back.

Emergency Situations

We all have those emergency situations where electrical goods break down unexpectedly or bed and furniture decide to fall or break apart, with buy now pay later it allows you access to an item you may need but can’t afford to buy there and then. Having a line of credit like this available to you gives you peace of mind that when one of those unexpected problems arises you’ll be able to get a replacement immediately without needing to stump up any money.

Low Interest or Interest Free

Many catalogues in the UK offer very low interest rates or interest free periods on BNPL items, this make it very attractive to potential customers to take out but is also great for the customer as it allows them to buy an expensive item and gives them time to pay it off without having to pay a high interest rate for the privilege.

Huge Choice

BNPL isn’t just available from a range of catalogues but it’s also available on a range of products without having to pay a penny upfront. Whether you’re looking for clothes, appliances, toys, gifts, gaming or other electrical goods, you’ll be sure to find a catalogue that offers it. Giving you the option of flexible payments, allowing you to pay off various monetary amounts at various periods of time before the end of a set time period; making it an attractive payment option to many customers. As long as you're confident you can repay it in the allotted time period then BNPL is the perfect credit option for you.

Choosing BNPL

If BNPL is a credit line available to you through a catalogue, then it's a great way to be able to purchase an item you don’t immediately have the money for. As long as you can afford to repay it before the end of the set time period then, the it can be a great line of credit to take advantage of.

Catalogues Who Offer Buy Now Pay Later

Pay Less Catalogues have carefully selected a choice of recommended catalogues who offer BNPL as a credit option some of which are Very, Littlewoods, Argos, JD Williams, Freemans and The Brilliant Gift Shop.