About Us

About Us

Pay Less Catalogues was set up early in 2016 by Greg, John and Stephen, three shopping enthusiasts with a love for all things shopping related.

From an early age, Stephen has always loved shopping with his family, looking for bargains and trying to find the best deals with Mum and Dad. John's love of shopping didn't come until later life however when he developed a love for DIY and fashion, although two very different things.

As long term friends, John, greg and Stephen have always had a close relationship, but it wasn't until late 2015 that they came up with the idea to set up Pay Less Catalogues. They envisaged a world where you could go online and find all the best places to get credit online, without having to spend hours looking through each site individually.

In 2015, the three were discussing the different catalogues that were available online and comparing the different interest rates available. They starting making lists of the different credit catalogues out there and dove even deeper by researching how easy and difficult it was to get credit from each of the online shopping catalogues. From this, Pay Less Catalogues was created.

Through hours of research and the passion to make a difference to shoppers online looking to get credit, John, Greg and Stephen have developed a website which allows you to view the different credit products available, compare the different catalogues and the interest rates available, as well as having the opportunity to read recent catalogue reviews and leave your own review, should you wish to have your say.

Hopefully you find the Pay Less Catalogues website helpful in your quest to get credit. Please take the time to browse the Pay Less Catalogue website and find a catalogue best suited to you and your shopping desires.